Rep. Van Duyne slams Texas Democrats for 'drinking beer' and 'contracting COVID' instead of doing their jobs

Texas Democrats leaving state to block new voter law a ‘stunt’: Karl Rove

Fox News contributor Karl Rove reacts to Democrats’ efforts to block the passage of Republican-backed voting legislation.

Texas Rep. Beth Van Duyne called out Democrats in her state for fleeing to Washington, D.C. to avoid voting on an election integrity law and accused them of failing to fulfill their duties as public servants.

“While these Democrats are jetting around, drinking beer, and contracting COVID, we’ve been busy connecting thousands of North Texans with jobs for their futures,” Van Duyne, a Republican, told Fox News after it was revealed that at least three of the fleeing Democrats contracted the coronavirus.

The group of Democrats had previously posed for a picture on a private plane on the way to the nation’s capital without wearing masks, which many, including Van Duyne, labeled as hypocritical given their previous positions on coronavirus restrictions.

“Dems agree we no longer need masks on planes,” she tweeted this week in response to the photo. “Time to remove mandate for the rest of us. @DanCrenshawTX @RandPaul @tedcruz”

In another tweet, Van Duyne accused the Democrats of dereliction of duty.

It is unclear when the group of Democrats will return to Austin to allow the quorum vote on the bill to take place. Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced earlier this week that he charted a plane from Washington to Texas and urged his colleagues to secure their seats as soon as possible. 


“I am demanding all of our colleagues in D.C. to contact my staff immediately in order to secure their seat on the plane and return to Austin in order to do the state’s business,” Speaker Dade Phelan said in a statement. “The State of Texas is waiting.”

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