Nicola Sturgeon accused of wanting people to believe ‘England is Boris and Patel’

Nicola Sturgeon 'needs to press pause button' says Nelson

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Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has taken a swipe at the Scottish First Minister, saying Labour must create a “credible” alternative to the SNP and the Conservative Party. He said: “We have got to build a credible alternative to the SNP and the Tories.

“It has to be a positive, unified and authentic message to voters.

“The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon would love people to think England is Johnson and Priti Patel.

“England is more Gareth Southgate and Raheem Sterling: diverse, and not scared of confronting the scars in our society.”

But Ms Sturgeon has proposed an alliance between the SNP and Scottish Greens in hopes of securing a pro-independence majority.

She opened formal discussions with the Scottish Greens on a cooperation deal in government.

The coalition would co-write policies on the climate crisis in exchange for the Greens’ support in a future Indyref2 vote.

The Telegraph’s Scottish editor Alan Cochrane said Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove argued these parties are “anti-jobs” and “anti-Aberdeen”.

He wrote: “Endorsing the possibility of some kind of alliance with the Scottish Greens may well be too much for most Nats.

“It certainly should be. As Michael Gove, the Cabinet minister for just about everything, claimed on Monday, the Greens were opposed to just about everything that might benefit Scotland.

“He said they were opposed to the further development of North Sea oil fields and, as Scotland needed a mix of available energy sources, thus, effectively opposed to economic growth.

“He said they were anti-jobs, not good for Aberdeen (his home town and from where he was speaking on Monday) and not good for Scotland.

“Maybe so, but Nicola Sturgeon’s current thinking is that, because they support independence, they’re good for the SNP. And in her book, that’s all that matters.”

Mr Cochrane also mentioned an opinion poll ran by the Sunday Times showing that the backing for Scottish independence had slipped in recent months.

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