‘National emergency!’ Lord Frost calls on Liz Truss to tackle impending energy crisis

Liz Truss outlines Conservative leadership pledges

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The former minister hit out at current “criminally negligent” energy policy and enforced the need for “very unwelcome and expensive decisions” to get through the winter months.

UK energy bills are forecast to soar to £4266 a year come January, leaving millions of households at risk of being unable to pay.

Writing in his column for The Telegraph, Lord Frost emphasised the need to learn from mistakes made and “get serious” when it comes to energy policy.

He said: “A national emergency is coming. Our energy policy has been criminally negligent.

“The choice by net zero proponents to rely on renewables and interconnectors, and to run down storage, means we face blackouts, hideous business-crushing costs, and people shivering and dying in the cold.

“We are going to have to take some very unwelcome and expensive decisions to get through the next few months.

“But it must never happen again. We need to get serious about energy policy.

“Those who created the old one can’t be involved in the new one.

“If she wins, Liz Truss can point to it to illustrate the establishment’s failure and why change is needed.”

Liz Truss has so far refused to offer financial aid to those struggling to afford their energy bills, however, she has confirmed plans to reverse the recent increase on National Insurance and to suspend green levies on energy bills temporarily.

Speaking to The Guardian, she said: “What I’m talking about is enabling people to keep more money in their own pockets.

“What I don’t believe in is taxing people to the highest level in 70 years and then giving them their own money back.

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“I’m not going to write the budget in advance, we’ll see what the situation is like in the autumn.

“But I’m committed to making sure people are supported and I’m committed to growing the economy.

“What’s important is that we get the economy growing, we can’t get the economy growing if we have the highest tax rates for 70 years in this country.”

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