Louisville Stand-Off; Grand Jury for Prude Probe: Protest Wrap

Demonstrators demanding justice for Breonna Taylor squared off with armed, self-proclaimed “patriots” in Louisville on Saturday as the Kentucky Derby drew international attention to the city.

Protesters have been calling for action after Taylor, an unarmed 26-year-old Black woman, was fatally shot at home by police in March. On Saturday, opposing groups were face-to-face, with some yelling Taylor’s name while others shouted “Back the Blue,” according to local CBS affiliateWLKY. Dozens of Louisville Metro police in riot gear were also present. Other protests are planned.

With the protests centered on Rochester earlier in the week following the release of police body-cam footage leading to Daniel Prude’s death, New York Attorney General Letitia Jamessaid Saturday her office will move to impanel a grand jury as part of its investigation. Prude, a Black man, was hooded by police and asphyxiated in custody earlier this year.

Eleven people were arrested Friday on charges from rioting to unlawful assembly during a third night of protests in the city. More than 2,000 people gathered downtown on Friday, and police used pepper balls, spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd,according to the Wall Street Journal. Two cars alsocollided with demonstrators, according to an ABC 13 reporter.

The day after Mayor Lovely Warren suspended the officers involved in death of Prude, the head of the police unionsaid the officers had followed training, according to the AP.

President Donald Trump has instructed federal government agencies tohalt racial sensitivity training with a White House memo that condemned such initiatives as contrary to the nation’s “fundamental beliefs.”

The shooting of Jacob Blake, the Black man struck multiple times on Aug. 23 in the back by a White police officer in Kenosha, triggered a new wave of protests against police brutality in the past two weeks.

Friday was the 100th night of protests in Portland, where state troopers have returned to the demonstrations, according toThe Oregonian. While police said they declared the gathering unlawful because rocks were thrown, reporters at the scene did not see any rocks thrown at officers, according to the paper.

About 93% of the protests against racial justice since the death of George Floyd have been peaceful and non-destructive, CNNreported, citing a report by the U.S. Crisis Project, a joint effort by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University.

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