LIVE UPDATES: DeSantis cites hypocrisy of Biden's reported domestic travel bans amid immigration orders

Gov. DeSantis slams Biden’s possible Florida travel ban

Rep. Matt Gaetz R-FL., joins ‘Fox Report’ to discuss the possibility of a statewide travel ban, influx of New Yorkers leaving the northeast for the Sunshine State.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called President Biden’s reported consideration of domestic travel bans during the coronavirus pandemic amid signing immigration executive orders “a huge contradiction.”

“This stinks to high heaven,” the Republican governor told “Sunday Morning Futures” during an exclusive interview.

“It is a huge contradiction and you can’t square wanting opening borders for illegal aliens, but then also restricting U.S. citizens from basically traveling around the country as they see fit and I think the American people see the hypocrisy in that,” he continued. 


    • At least 1,000 migrants have been allowed to cross into Texas recently, the New York Times reported earlier this month, citing border activists.
    • Health officials are worried the new strains of the coronavirus that have emerged could sideline progress made by the vaccine.

    Earlier this month, President Biden signed three executive orders on immigration, including one to create a task force to reunify migrants separated under the Trump administration – part of a sweeping push by Biden to roll back his predecessor’s immigration policies.

    “So he’s [Biden’s] opening the border [and] he’s letting illegals pour in,” DeSantis continued. “They’re not doing any COVID tests. They’re [migrants are] just coming into the communities.”

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