Lawrence Jones sounds off on Republicans who downplayed socialism threat: 'I am furious'

Lawrence Jones sounds off at ‘pundits’ who downplayed imminent threat of socialism: ‘I am furious’

Fox Nation host reacts to Georgia Senate runoffs and more on ‘Fox & Friends.’

Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones sounded off at Republican pundits for downplaying the threat of socialism in an appearance on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday as Democrats inch closer to control of Congress with a projected win in at least one of the two Georgia Senate runoff races.

"As we can see, the country has changed," Jones told "Fox & Friends" co-host Ainsley Earhardt. "You know, I have to be honest, Ainsley, I'm so furious and the punditry over these last few months [for] telling the audience that socialism had zero chance.

"Are you kidding me? They kicked their tail in Georgia. And everyone should be furious in this audience that you had congressmen, people that are supposed to be political insiders, lie to them on national TV and tell them they didn't have a chance."

Jones' comments come after Fox News' Decision Desk projected that Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., in the Peach State's critical twin Senate runoffs. With Warnock's projected victory, Democrats are one win away from control of the Senate, making it more likely that President-elect Joe Biden would be able to pass his agenda through both the House and Senate. If Sen. David Perdue R- Ga., prevails over Democrat Jon Ossoff, Republicans would be able to foil many of the White House's plans.

Jones said he was "on the ground months ago warning people to look out for the Black vote in the state" – a demographic that ultimately helped challenger Warnock unseat incumbent Loefller with a higher turnout than in the 2020 presidential election. 

"There's a shift that is happening in the country," Jones emphasized. "A year ago I was on the ground telling people, 'Look, the liberal policies are affecting America, but there is a progressive wing that is opening — that is filling this void. Where are the Republicans on that?' And now they want to be outraged."

Jones attributed Warnock's victory to his party's ability to fill a messaging "void" left largely unaddressed by Republicans heading into the critical runoffs. 


"It is obvious that the prescription that the Democrats and the socialist wing have provided is terrible," he said, "but what they did acknowledge is that there is a void there. There is a problem there, and the ability to relate to people on that. The Republicans still have a chance. But the question is, what is going to be the Republican's prescription?"

"There is a new day in this country," he added, saying many have been warning that the left is not interested in "common ground."

"They want to take things over, and right now, they have the momentum."

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Fox News’ Evie Fordham contributed to this report.

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