‘It’s all Remainers fault!’ Britons furious as lucrative US trade deal faces Brexit delay

Brexit: ‘No pressure’ for Biden to strike trade deal says expert

Professor Alan Winters, director of the Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex, warned the likelihood of Boris Johnson securing an agreement with the US in the near future was “really low”. His comments come ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration later this month, with US president Donald Trump – a supporter of Brexit – making way.

But Express.co.uk readers lashed out at claims of the Brexit blow.

Commenting on this website, one reader said: “Blame the remainers this could all have been done 4 years ago.”

Another wrote: “Obama famously said ‘UK will be at the back of the queue’ puppet Biden can only say what his master (s) instruct him to say.”

A third commented: “If a trade doesn’t happen it’s down to remoaners cause Brexit should have happened ages ago but the traitors have done everything to try destroy this country just to get their way.”

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Another said: “We had nearly five years of this nonsense with the eu.wto it is then joe if thats what you dictate.the eu soon changed its mind.”

Prof Winters highlighted warned a key piece of US legislation that governs US trade policy expires in July.

When protected by that legislation — known as the Trade Promotion Authority — trade deals are effectively fast-tracked through Congress with lawmakers unable to make substantial changes or amendments to the text of the deal.

To be protected by the TPA, a US-UK trade deal must be put before Congress by April.

If that deadline is missed, the deal will either be put before Congress and risk being delayed with disputes, or the UK could wait for a fresh TPA to be negotiated.

Prof Winters said: “The chances of a trade deal with the US in the near future are really low.

“Americans want things out of the deal that are pretty unpalatable in the UK, such as chlorinated chicken and access to a pharmaceutical market at high prices.

“Basically all things that the UK Government has already said it cannot give.

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“Now, they are not going to slip it through with Trump and Biden has lots of other things on his mind.

“He almost certainly will not appoint a trade representative to oversee the negotiations for a month or two.

“Unless the deal is presented by April, it can’t go through on the Trade Promotion Authority, which expires in July.

“After then, it is unlikely that in the next two years Biden will spend political capital in renewing the Promotion Authority.

“Democrats have always found trade difficult. I think the Republicans will not be terribly keen to give them a victory, either.”

There have also been claims the Prime Minister miscalculated his relationship with Donald Trump.

A senior former American diplomat told POLITICO: “The UK Government continued to believe Trump was going to do favours for them and that hasn’t panned out.

“The trade deal was going to happen in a matter of weeks, then months, and it’s now four years later and it hasn’t happened.”

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