Florida Governor Warns of More Nursing Home Deaths to Come

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned more Covid-19 deaths may be coming at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, even though cases and hospitalizations appear to be easing across the state.

“Over the next couple weeks, I’m concerned of seeing kind of a tail where we start to see some of these long-term-care deaths,” DeSantis said Thursday from Tallahassee.

Florida has one of America’s largest 65-and-over populations, and many of the elderly live in group settings. DeSantis said protective measures have meant that it takes longer for Covid-19 to breach long-term care facilities. Earlier in the pandemic, he said deaths in those places continued well after the first peak in fatalities in the general public.

“The LTCs just kind of kept going,” he said. “And I think it was because you did have a lag — it took a little longer for the infections to get in there.”

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Deaths often trail Covid-19 infections by weeks, and it generally takes even longer for fatalities to be reflected in official data. Indeed, although many metrics are improving in the Sunshine State, it reported a record 276 deaths among residents Monday.

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