‘EVERY’ MP has received emails from concerned Brits about Boris Johnson’s leadership

Ellwood: Every MP has received emails of concern

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British Conservative Party politician, Tobias Ellwood sat down with Jeremy Kyle on talkRadio to speak about Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Amidst great backlash from the British public and MPs alike, Mr Johnson has come under fire for alleged boozy Downing Street parties held during the lockdown. Mr Ellwood discussed the highly awaited results from the inquiry into Party Gate by Civil Servant Sue Gray. Mr Ellwood also admitted that MPs have been receiving an influx of emails with concerns from Brits about the future of Boris Johnson leadership ad the impact it could have on the country.

Mr Ellwood said: “You’re absolutely right every MP has received many, understandably, hundreds of emails of concern about what is happening.

“And also a desire to sort of conclude this as quick as possible.

“And I’m sure once Sue Gray has given her report, MPs will be in a better position to make a judgement about what happened.

Mr Kyle said: “Is he done?”

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Mr Ellwood said: “Well, We’ll have to see what happens with Sue Gray.

“What I would say is that it cannon be business as usual.

“We have had a torrid couple of months, there has to be change in Number 10.

“We need a formidable wise authoritative voice of Chief of Staff to come in and work with Boris Johnson.

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Mr Ellwood added: “Any leader has their strengths, leaders have their weaknesses as well.

“Those leaders need to be compensated by the people around them, to make sure the project can move forward sensibly.”

Other Conservative MPs have been slamming the Prime Minister calling for his resignation over the recent allegations of lockdown rule-breaking.

One of which is Sir Roger Gale MP for North Thanet who admitted to submitting a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

Sir Roger Gale said: “I put in a letter to Sir Graham Brady after the Barnard Castle incident.

“Because that gave a message to me that this was not the kind of leadership that I believe the Conservative Party needed.”


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Former Minister David Davis publically called for Johnson’s resignation during PMQs.

Mr Davis said: “I expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions they take. Yesterday he did the opposite of that. So.

“I will remind him of a quotation which may be familiar to his ear: Leopold Amery to Neville Chamberlain.

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!” 

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