European Commission chiefs set out ’emergency rules’ to ease transition to no-deal Brexit

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The set of emergency rules from January 1 cover fishing, flights and road journeys between the UK and EU nations, as well as aviation safety regulations. Yesterday’s document linked the rules to a commitment allowing European fishing fleets continued access to UK coastal waters.

The plan said: “The aim of these contingency measures is to cater for the period during which there is no agreement in place.

“If no agreement enters into application, they will end after a fixed period.”

It added: “In order to guarantee the sustainability of fisheries and in light of the importance of fisheries for the economic livelihood of many communities, it is necessary to facilitate the procedures of authorisation of fishing vessels.”

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The plan makes sure certain air services between the UK and the EU will be able to continue for six months, provided Britain does the same.

It also ensures safety certificates for products can still be used in EU aircraft to stop them being grounded.

Road freight and passenger transport will be covered for six months, as long as the UK assures that EU hauliers can have the same deal.

Before convening yesterday, EC members stood in tribute to Valery Giscard d’Estaing, France’s president from 1974 to 1981, who died aged 94 on December 2.

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