Donald Trump chaos: Row breaks out after Adam Boulton quip – ‘Living on another planet’

Trump supporter clashes with Adam Boulton during interview

Erin Elmore and the Sky News host clashed during an interview discussing the current US President. The row reached boiling point when Ms Elmore branded Mr Boulton’s quip as shameful and disgusting. It came in the wake of chaos in Washington earlier this week as Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building. 

Mr Boulton asked: “Do you feel this President is fit to serve even just for another few days?”

Ms Elmore replied: “I think the fitness we should worry about is that of Joe Biden.

“We know that he stumbles on his words constantly.

“He appears to be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, perhaps dementia, having lived with two grandparents with it, it is very apparent for me to see.

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“So I think if we are going to start talking about the 25th amendment let’s be very careful about what happens next.”

The Sky News host said: “I know you are in Jupiter, Florida but many British viewers will think you are living on another very strange planet which has lost touch with right, wrong and political morality.”

Ms Elmore responded: “Your quippy one-liners do not hurt me very much.

“What I will tell you is 70 million people voted for Trump and they are just like me.”

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She added: “So for you to call me anything less than a proper god-loving, god-fearing American, who loves this country and our flag, is shameful and disgusting.”

Mr Boulton replied: “Ok well thanks for joining us.” 

Ms Elmore is not the first to raise concerns regarding the longevity of the President-elect.

Iain Dale told that Mr Biden’s “decline” could spark “national trauma” in the United States if Washington is forced to replace him.

Mr Dale said: “It is quite clear to anybody who looks at Joe Biden and compares him to the Joe Biden of 10 or 20 years ago that there is a decline there.

“Obviously, if he died in office it would be automatic that Kamala Harris would take over.

“But what if his mental powers declined so much that she had to take over?

“There are arrangements in the US constitution for this to happen but after the trauma of the Trump years, America would go through another national trauma.”

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