Chris Wallace calls Pence RNC speech 'well-crafted' and 'very effective' attack on Biden record

Chris Wallace: Pence made strong case for Trump, took apart Biden’s record

‘A very effective speech,’ says Chris Wallace reacting to the keynote address of Mike Pence at the RNC

Mike Pence's speech capping the third night of the Republican National Convention was "well-crafted" and "took apart Joe Biden's record" on a variety of issues, "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace said Wednesday.

Wallace began by praising the staging of Pence's remarks at Baltimore's Fort McHenry, saying, "If they put this much thought and this much stagecraft into the acceptance speech by the vice president, I can't even imagine what tomorrow is going to be like when Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech on the South Lawn of the White House."

Turning to the speech itself, Wallace said Pence had put forward "as strong a case as you can imagine for the Trump record. I think he took some liberties in the way he described the president's response to the coronavirus, but that happens in political speeches."

Wallace concluded by highlighting what he called "the most remarkable thing about tonight."

"How often have you seen Donald Trump at a big public event where he doesn't say a word?" Wallace asked after the president and the first lady appeared onstage as Pence finished speaking.

"Actually, I applaud him," he added. "This is Mike Pence's night and he's not one-upping him. He's paying tribute to him. Mike Pence has been a good, loyal soldier. He did a really good job tonight and tomorrow it's Donald Trump's turn."

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