‘Can’t win, can you?’ Shapps on the spot as he’s confronted with dire election prospect

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps discussed political poll results which put him second to last as the next Prime Minister with Ian Dale.

Mr Shapps defended the poll predictions from Guido Fawkes and claimed real political votes were the ones that matter.

The Conservative leadership candidate defended himself against suggestions by Mr Dales that MPs would be taking notes of the public political surveys.

The leadership contest for a new Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party is heating up as some contestants are expected to be knocked out over the next few days, as the Conservative Party seeks to find ongoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s replacement before the summer recess.

Mr Dale said: “Conservative Home, they do these surveys the popularity of leaders, they’ve just brought out another one that’s been published in the last few minutes.

“Now on the Guido Fawkes spreadsheet of MP supporters, you’ve got the fewest of all the candidates apart from Rehman Chishti you’ve got seven at the moment unless you want to update us on that.

“But according to this survey, Penny Mordaunt leads Kemi Badenoch in under ten votes in over 800 people that voted.

“So Penny Mordaunt number one, Kemi Badenoch number two, Rishi Sunak number three and Suella Braverman number four, you’re second to last, now you cant win can you?”

Mr Shapps told LBC: “Well look I… first of all it is up for members of Parliament, and then of course members of the Party to make these decisions, surveys are always very interesting.”

Mr Dales added: “They are members of the Party…”

Mr Shapps said: “If you read that survey last week it would of told you that Ben Wallace would win, if you read it six months ago, or a few months ago it would have told you Rishi Sunak was way up the top.

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“These things come and go, I don’t want to sound like a politician but the real votes… Are the ones that matter”

Mr Dale said: “Your… Here it’s not us the voters it’s your fellow MPs… So you’ve got to get your message over to them, really in the next three or four days.

“Because the 1922 Committee, they’re announcing the whole timetable for the whole election in a few minute’s time.

“It’s likely there will  be one or two ballots this week, you’ve got to get up that league table a bit, how are you going to do that?”

Mr Shapps said: “The league table won’t be members, because that will be two who will go out, it will be members of Parliament.”

Mr Dale said: “MPs will be looking at that, thinking that’s very interesting.”

Mr Shapps said: “Well look first of all I believe what MPs really are thinking about or care about is of course what happens in the next election.

“I’ve written to MPs today I think you might have the letter in front of you.”

Mr Dale said: “I do have the letter in front of you, it’s not a leadership letter is it, it’s almost an application to be Party Chairman again.”

Rishi Sunak's Tory leadership chances weighed up by voter

There are 11 Conservative MPs in the running to be the next Prime Minister.

Many of these MPs will be knocked out this week, as the number whittles down to the final two candidates.

Today the leadership candidates are tasked with finding 20 MPs to back them, and if they don’t they will be knocked out of the first round.

Many of the candidates have promised to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis and lower taxation for Britons.

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According to bookkeepers Betfair Exchange, Mr Shapps has not been listed as a betting option to be in predicted last the two final leadership candidates:

Rishi Sunak: 4/11

Penny Mordaunt: Evens

Liz Truss: 5/2

Tom Tugendhat: 7/2

Kemi Badenoch: 6/1

Jeremy Hunt: 10/1

Mr Shapps also did not make it on the list for who the predicted next Prime Minister is likely to be, Betfair Exchange published this prediction:

Rishi Sunak: 9/4

Penny Mordaunt: 5/2 (was 7/2 on Monday morning)

Liz Truss: 13/2

Tom Tugendhat: 10/1

Kemi Badenoch: 11/1


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