Brussels terror as Boris warns UK won’t pay EU’s £39 billion Brexit ’divorce bill’

In a move likely to be seen as a punishment for Brussels refusal to renegotiate Britain may only play £7billion or £9billion of the £39billion agreed in Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. As Mail on Sunday reports, Number 10 lawyers are believed to have concluded the UK could slash the bill as it would no longer need to pay the costs of the proposed transition period. Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron insisted Britain must pay the bill in full even if it departs without a deal.

Mr Johnson is set to meet European Council President Donald Tusk today.

Mr Tusk, formerly the Prime Minister of Poland said yesterday he would not co-operate with the UK over no deal.

He explained: “I hope Prime Minister Johnson would not like to go down in history as Mr No Deal.”

Mr Johnson fought back telling reporters: “I don’t want a No Deal Brexit but I say to our friends in the EU: if they don’t want a No Deal Brexit then we’ve got to get rid of the backstop from the treaty.

“If Donald Tusk doesn’t want to go down as Mr No Deal Brexit then I hope that point should be borne in mind by him too.”

Current Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel will replace Mr Tusk on December 1.

This will be a month after Britain is set to leave the European Union.

Mr Tusk’s predecessor Herman Van Rompuy was the first permanent president of the body.

When the presidency was a rotating presidency, it was held by four British Prime Ministers: James Callaghan (January – June 1977), Margaret Thatcher (July – December 1981, July-December 1986), John Major (July – December 1992) and Tony Blair (January – June 1998, July – December 2005).

Mr Michel’s European political party is the Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe, which features the Liberal Democrats.

His two predecessors were both from the European People’s Party which features no British parties.

Mr Johnson is currently on his first foreign trip as British Prime Minister, he is set to visit Dublin next month to meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and New York City for the United Nations General Assembly.

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