Brexit prediction: David Davis says EU deal ‘quite likely’ – ‘UK needed to get tough’

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Tory MP David Davis admitted he was confident the UK would secure a Brexit trade deal agreement with the EU by the end of the year. While on talkRADIO with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mr Davis insisted the louder the EU complain, the more likely it is the UK will secure a deal. Ms Hartley Brewer said: “Brexit trade deal talks resume for the 57 millionth time tomorrow between David Frost and Michel Barnier.

“There is a lot of talk now that a deal is about to be made.

“How hopeful are you David Davis?”

Mr Davis said he would repeat the same statement he has been saying for months regarding Brexit trade negotiations.

He said: “The last few weeks matter than the last few years.

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“The EU were never going to budge until the last minute and until we got a bit tough with them.

“We have been too soft with them for far too long.

“I think David Frost has played a blinder frankly, and I think he has done very well.

“I don’t think the Government handled the breaking the international law stuff terribly cleverly but that is by the by.”

Mr Davis remarked he was still confident the EU would be willing to agree a Brexit trade deal agreement with the UK.

He said: “The more tough we are, the bigger the screaming from Brussels then the more likely we are to get a deal.

“So at the moment I think it is quite likely we will get a deal.

“In fact, I have always thought it was quite likely we would get a deal.

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“I put it at 60 to 30 of a chance that we will get a workable deal by the end of the year.”

On Tuesday the ninth round of negotiations between London and Brussels will commence.

Brussels reacted very strongly to the controversial Internal Market Bill put forward by Mr Johnson which risks overriding EU jurisdiction to continue trading with Northern Ireland.

Despite the high tensions, the UK Government has suggested the two sides could reach an agreement.

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