Brexit deal might be ‘terminated’ to ensure UK has ‘effective sovereignty’ Redwood warns

Brexit: Redwood discusses urging Johnson to ‘terminate’ EU deal

Brexiteer Sir John has called on Boris Johnson and the UK Government to take full advantage of its new powers after leaving the European Union. He said in using the powers, the Prime Minister can do a better job for British citizens. Brexit Unlocked host Martin Daubney asked: “This idea of a robust Government has the ability to terminate our agreement with the European Union at the end of this five and half year period. Is that something you would like to do?”

Sir John said: “It may be. It depends on what we’ve sorted out and negotiated in the meantime.

“It’s got to be negotiations I guess but I think if I have been handling the negotiations, I would have been very firm because I always felt that they had a lot to win and they had an awful lot to lose.

“We need to be very tough and I think until the very end Lord Frost was extremely tough and it paid off.

“We got an awful lot of what we wanted without having to make compromises.”

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Sir John continued: “I think now we need to do an improved job on fishing and we have some powers so, let’s start using them.

“But I have been saying for some time that I don’t just want legal sovereignty, I want effective sovereignty.

“It’s not some kind of abstraction or academic thing.

“Why do I want Parliament and Government to have these powers? Because I think they can do a better job for the British fishing industry, for British citizens, for British employees.

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“I think we suffered a lot under the single market and customs union and common fisheries policy. We can do better.

“We need a stop Government that understands it can use these powers even if sometimes the EU doesn’t enjoy it.”

It comes as emergency financial aid could be needed to shore up food exporters finding the “door to the EU is now shut”, an industry head has said.

James Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food and Drink, said the trade system is “failing” and predicted problems will worsen this week.


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He warned orders will be cancelled and EU customers will look elsewhere for their goods as he called for urgent action to fix the post-Brexit trade issues.

In a series of tweets, he said: “More messages from food exporters who are finding the door to the EU is now shut. Haulage firms won’t take their loads; bureaucratic/IT systems failing.

“A multi-billion pound trade system is being tested for the 1st time, in real-time. And it’s going wrong.

“Brexit, week 1 was bad. Week 2 will be worse. UK Govt’s dismissal of the request from us (& most main business orgs) for a grace period was a critical mistake.”

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