Boris Johnson’s ‘secret’ Brexit plan: Furious Sturgeon lashes out after frosty meeting

Mr Johnson appeared to ruffle the feathers of the SNP leader, who was slapped down by the Brexiteer when she once again called for a second Scottish independence referendum. Mr Johnson was reported to have told her is was “not necessary” – five years after Scotland voted 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent against it. She accused Mr Johnson of not doing enough to get a deal with the EU, despite him taking office less than a week ago.

She said: “After my discussions with Boris Johnson, behind all of the bluff and bluster, this is a Government that is dangerous.

“I think the path that it is pursuing is a dangerous one for Scotland and for all of the UK.

“He says publicly – and he said it to me again today – that he wants a deal with the EU, but there is no clarity whatsoever about how he thinks he can get from the position now where he’s taking a very hard line – the Withdrawal Agreement is dead, the backstop is dead.

“If I listen to all of that and listen to what’s not being said as well as what is being said, I think that this is a Government that is pursuing a no-deal strategy, however much they may deny that in public.”

Speaking after the meeting with Mr Johnson, Ms Sturgeon added: “I think, if he were in this room right now, he would deny this vehemently, but I think he wants a no-deal Brexit.”

Mr Johnson arrived at Ms Sturgeon’s Bute House residence to the sounds of boos from anti-Brexit and pro-independence campaigners following a frosty reception north of the boarder.

In a video posted on Twitter, Mr Johnson can be seen on the approach to the building flanked by police as a mound of pro-EU and pro-independence protesters booed him.

Despite this, he appeared in high spirits and shook Ms Sturgeon’s hand while posing for a picture.

The video was posted on social media, prompting an array of comments.

One commenter said: “You Scots make me immensely proud of your clearly considered thoughts about that serial liar we unfortunately now have as Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

“Thank you for airing your views on behalf of so many south of the border.”

Another, referring to Ms Sturgeon herself, said: “To be fair, the reception probably wasn’t much better inside.”

Another, appearing to condemn the protesters, said: “Meanwhile, everyone else not able to be there went to work, because they had jobs!”

A fourth commenter, also referring to the protesters, said: “Scotland didn’t do anything it was the sticky mattress workshy that gathered with their giros. Embarrassing really.”

Another added: “Boris should of waved and smiled at the unemployed ramble outside.”

Mr Johnson’s visit came as part of a tour of the UK. He visited the north of England on Friday and promised a billion pound rail link between Manchester and Leeds.

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