‘Boring’ Starmer ‘can’t land killer blow on Boris’ as voters turned off politics

Michela Morizzo looks UK political polling result for the Daily Express

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In what could be a crucial fortnight for the Labour leader with a decision due from Durham Police on the “Beergate” lockdown breaking allegations the Techne UK/ Express tracker poll showed that Sir Keir is unable to build a substantial lead against Boris Johnson. It comes as shadow cabinet colleagues and other MPs have accused Starmer of being “too boring” and unable to lead his party to victory. 

And the overall disillusionment of the parties was underlined by a quarter saying they would not vote for any of the parties.

According to the tracker poll Labour have just a six point lead on the Conservatives two percent lower than it was a fortnight ago.

With Labour on 39 percent and the Conservatives on 33 percent, the Electoral Calculus website shows that Starmer would need to make a Rejoiner alliance with the Lib Dems and probably the SNP to form a majority government.

This compares to Sir Tony Blair in the mid-1990s who enjoyed massive leads of more than 20 points over Sir John Major’s scandal hit Tory government.

Starmer has failed to build a lead over the Conservatives despite Boris Johnson being found to have broken the law over lockdown parties in Downing Street.

The Prime Minister was also hit by 148 of his own Conservative MPs voting against him in a vote of confidence.

But both Mr Johnson and Sir Keir will face major tests this week in the two by-elections on Thursday with Labour expected to win back the Red Wall seat of Wakefield while the Lib Dems, following a pro-EU Rejoiner deal with Labour, are tipped to win Tiverton and Honiton of the Tories in the south west.

Despite this, Labour MPs are unhappy with their leader who has his own scandal to deal with from the Beergate event in Durham on April 30 last year where he, his deputy Angela Rayner and 18 other consumed more than £200 of curry washed down with beer.

One Labour MP told Express.co.uk: “However bad Boris is, Keir just can’t land a killer blow. The Tories are still in it and they shouldn’t be.”

There have been concerns expressed also about a lack of policy and direction for Labour while Jeremy Corbyn supporters on the Left are in open revolt following a purge.

But the tracker poll has also revealed that voters are being turned off by both parties.

Those highly unlikely to vote have jumped up by two percent to 24 percent almost a quarter.

Techne chief executive Michela Morizzo said: “The news today does not lie in the data on the consent to the parties, but on the potential abstentionists who have grown in general by 2 percentage points, but even by 8 percent among the most fragile sections of the population.

“This means that the crisis is hardly felt and the most exposed people move away from politics, until they find the answers they are looking for.”


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Meanwhile, those saying they have confidence in the Government is down one percent to 30 percent.

The Brexit divide remains with Labour picking up 45 percent of Remainers and the Tories 48 percent of Leavers.

The poll surveyed 1,624 people on June 15 and 16.

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