BBC ‘well past sell-by date’: Radio host demands TV licence ‘put into healthcare’

BBC ‘well past its sell-by date’ says James Whale

Radio host James Whale slammed the corporation, saying there was “no need” for the BBC and that TV licence money would be better used for a cash injection into the healthcare system. Joined by economic expert Annabel Denham, the talkRADIO host discussed how scrapping the BBC could be part of a strategy to transform the NHS. Ms Denham put forward the suggestion that rather “throwing money” at the NHS, Britain look to adopt an alternative health system like those used by our “international counterparts.”

Mr Whale said: “I have a good idea guy, listen to my idea. Because the BBC is well past its sell-by date. We just get rid of the BBC, we don’t need the BBC anymore. 

“There is no need for the BBC. So we get rid of it and the money we pay for our licence we then put into the healthcare.

“The amount of money that would suddenly inject into the healthcare of this country would be unbelievable.

“But it has to be reorganised the management has to be sorted out.”

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Guest Annabel Denham from the Institute of Economic Affairs responded: “I think the NHS in its current form…it would not matter how much money was thrown at it.

“It is a broken system in dire need of reform and it would be better to look to the social health insurance systems you see in places like Switzerland, in Belgium and the Netherlands, in Germany and in Israel.

“Rather than just continue to just throw money at the NHS which is just a sticking plaster.”

She said: “While we may think the NHS is the envy of the world we do lag behind our international counterparts.”

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Mr Whale added: “If you ask any of the doctors or nurses who work in it they will tell you it is the management and the management are in a situation where it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Host Ash Gould interjected with “it is treated like a religion, the NHS, you’re not allowed to have a go at it almost.” 

The comments slamming the BBC came as the broadcaster was blasted by a member of the House of Lords, Ian Botham, who claimed that people from the countryside are “sick” of the corporation’s “virtue-signalling presenters”.

Lord Botham said the BBC was doing “particularly badly” in the countryside “from where many people write to me”.

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He added: “They dislike how the corporation increasingly uses its programmes to promote the narrow ‘woke’ views of its senior staff.

“They say it abuses its power to push these ‘urban progressive’ ideas as if they were mainstream.”

Citing a recent YouGov poll, Lord Botham explained how only 4 percent of the British public thought that the BBC had improved in terms of representing their values during 2020.

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