Angela Rayner takes dig at Tories ‘wallowing in their own mess’ with brutal video attack

Labour Party takes dig at Tories with debate compilation

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In a video debate compilation posted on her Twitter account, Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner savaged Tory candidates for their internal civil war and disagreement on issues like the cost of living crisis, tax cuts and the public’s trust. Tensions rose in the last debate held by ITV News when Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak engaged in bickering over the former Chancellor’s record on tax cuts and the economy. Shortly after the debate, both candidates pulled out of Sky News’ debate scheduled to be held on Tuesday to avoid further damage to “the image of the Conservative party, exposing disagreement and splits within the party.”

Angela Rayner took advantage of candidates airing their dirty linen in ITV News’ debate to post a video montage shining a light on the Tory party’s internal civil war.

The video starts with the question: “The Tories have been in power for 12 years. How do they think it’s going?”

The video then plays edited clips of every candidate addressing the issues of rising bills and tax cuts during the debate on ITV News – and how much the Conservative Party has effectively failed the economy in the last 12 years.

Frontrunner Rishi Sunak said: “All your bills every week, every month, they’re going up and up and up.”

Tom Tugendhat, now eliminated from the race, savaged Mr Sunak, saying: “What we’ve seen in recent years is taxes rising to the highest level in 70 years.”

Liz Truss dealt a hammer blow to Rishi Sunak, saying: “Under your plans, we are predicting to have a recession.”

For her part, Kemi Badenoch tried to play the neutral card without directly criticising Rishi Sunak but ended up admitting: “It has been a really difficult time with public-sector pay. We need to create an economy that can fund it and I’m not sure we’re there yet.”

Under the bemused look from Liz Truss who frowned in disagreement, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “I’d love to stand here and say, look, I’ll cut this tax, that tax and another tax and it will all be okay.”

Turning to Liz Truss who has vowed to cut taxes, he slashed: “But you know what? It won’t.”

In another attack on Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss insisted: “Higher food prices. Higher petrol prices.”

Turning to Liz Truss who has vowed to cut taxes, Mr Sunak slashed: “But you know what? It won’t.”

In another attack directed at Mr Sunak, Ms Truss insisted: “Higher food prices. Higher petrol prices.”

Penny Mordaunt, who tried to keep her cool during the debate, lashed out: “People need help now.”

In another unwanted blow to her own Conservative Party, Ms Badenoch admitted: “We make promises we can’t keep.”

As the video gets closer to the end, the music intensifies with more admissions of guilt and mistakes made in the past few months.

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“It’s not just wrong, it’s dangerous,” Mr Sunak said, slashing Penny Mordaunt’s plan to cut taxes. “We cannot make it worse,” he added.

Liz Truss fired back: “If Rishi has got this great plan for growth, why haven’t we seen it in his last two and half years at the Treasury?”

Mr Tugendhat, whom Ms Badenoch said was not in place to criticise given his junior position, noted: “I’m finding it very difficult to understand who’s disowning and who’s defending the record of the last few years that they’ve been in power.”

Condemning Mr Sunak’s economic track record, Liz Truss blasted: “The worst economic crisis for a generation.”

“Why should the public trust us?” Ms Badenoch asked. “We haven’t exactly covered ourselves in glory.”

The video ends with the Conservative Party’s logo – a blue oak tree – with a leafless tree with pounds ‘£’ littering the ground.

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