Amy Klobuchar says she was treated for breast cancer.

Senator Amy Klobuchar said Thursday that she had been diagnosed and treated this year for breast cancer and that her doctors said in August that her treatment had been successful.

“At this point my doctors believe that my chances of developing cancer again are no greater than the average person,” Ms. Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, wrote in post on Medium on Thursday morning.

Ms. Klobuchar said she underwent various tests after learning in February that she had Stage 1A cancer, and that she subsequently had a lumpectomy on her right breast to remove the cancer.

In May, she said, she completed radiation treatment. She said that doctors determined in August that the treatment had been successful.

Ms. Klobuchar said her diagnosis and treatment occurred at the same time her father, Jim Klobuchar, died.

“Of course this has been scary at times,” Ms. Klobuchar said.

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