Hannity on patriotism survey: Younger Americans 'turning toward socialism'

Hannity: Young Americans feeling less patriotic, embracing socialism

New survey shows what Americans value most, with younger Americans valuing religion, patriotism and having children lower.

Fox News' Sean Hannity reacted Monday night to a new survey that claims to show Millenials don't value patriotism as much as previous generations.

"What does it all mean? It means that as younger Americans feel less and less patriotic they're also turning towards socialism," Hannity said on his television show.

Patriotism being “very important” fell nine percent with American youth according to the survey conducted by Wall Street Journal/NBC News.

Hannity blamed liberal college professors for indoctrinating the youth.

"In other words far-left professors they seem to sadly be achieving their goal of indoctrinating our young kids into their socialist radical beliefs," Hannity said.

The Fox News host touted America and argued patriotism should unite the country.

"In many ways patriotism is actually what should unite all of us," Hannity said. "It's why millions of people from all over the world are dying to live here become a part of our American family. We are blessed to live in the United States of America."


Hannity also brought up America's fight for freedom not just within the country but around the world before expressing he was concerned with the results of the poll.

"Ronald Reagan once pointed out many decades ago freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. That poll tells me we might be in jeopardy," Hannity said.

Fox News' Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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