How will the transport of the future look DAV Network

Just imagine that you ordered a pizza for dinner, and after just 10 minutes the drone delivered the order directly to your window on the balcony. It's convenient, fast, profitable and very cool. Autonomous vehicles are a new niche for development in the near future. Already, these are engaged in such giants as Google, Lyft, Uber , etc. However, all of them are closed and centralized, which hinders development. Project DAV Network Develops a decentralized open source platform that integrates into any autonomous transport system.

DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) is a decentralized block-based marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell services provided by autonomous vehicles (PBXs). DAV integrates into any PBX and gives them the opportunity to exchange information and carry out transactions between themselves. The project has an open source code and plans to create all the necessary infrastructure for the development of the autonomous vehicle industry in the near future.

DAV technology consists of 3 components:

Communication protocol. A specially developed communication protocol library, through which devices will be able to communicate with each other and users.

Decentralized detection. Each object of the platform DAV, whether it's a user or a drone, has its own identifier. Each PBX in the system can detect and differentiate each other, users and other objects.

Instruments of confidential cooperation. The parties carry out transactions through smart contracts and tokens DAV. If necessary, you can use a third party in the form of a trustee or an insurance company.

How will DAV be used? – There are many examples. Cars with autopilots can work as a taxi, yet their owners do not need it. Send a parcel by air, order delivery and more will now take a few minutes. In this case, the devices themselves will take payment in tokens and service providers will care for your PBXs, charging them with a fee. This is not the future, but the approaching reality.

Token DAV

DAVs are utility tokens of the ERC20 standard and are designed to service the operation of the system. With their help, users can purchase services and suppliers and devices receive payment and offer incentive promotions and discounts. The maximum number of tokens at the moment is unknown and will be announced later.

ICO and the DAV Network team

The project team deserves special attention. There are specialists and advisers in all the necessary directions. This and the team developers from the team Ethereum, cofounders Bancor, former Technical Director General Motors and Administrative Assistant NASA. These people are some of the best in their field and who, if not they, are able to implement such a large-scale idea.

Currently, the team collects applications for a private sale with a minimum threshold in 250 ETH. Wishing a lot and not all will be able to participate even with large sums. The main token is scheduled for 30 April with a minimal contribution to 0.2 ETH.


Do not assume that in a few months you will be able to ride an unmanned taxi or order a delivery droning. The development of a project of this scale will take years and even decades. But this is our future, which is being done now. And the project DAV – this is a unique chance to be at the sources of something new and truly exciting, capable of changing the familiar world.

Details of ICO.

Date: 30 April – 13 May 2018

Ticker: DAV

Type of the token: ERC20

Hardcap: 38 000 000 USD

Price of the token on the ICO: 1 DAV = 0.0001 ETH

Available for sale: 40%

Minimal purchase: 0.2 ETH

Payment: ETH

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