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The ICO market is hot right now. Most of the ventures see it as an opportunity to invest whereas a few of them are still sceptical about the mechanism. But regardless, the cryptocurrency sphere is slowly transforming into the investment of the future as the days go by. Various industries are benefiting from it, and now the senior care industry is now among one of them.

The elder care industry is one such industry most of which is relatively untapped. If we look at the facts, it is pretty clear that senior care is really expensive. The United States alone has a senior care industry worth USD 320 billion.

This may seem like a good thing in terms of potential revenue and income generation but there is a downside to it too. There is a side which represents costs for the aged and the elderly without a fixed source of income.

A large chunk of this USD 320 billion industry is the at-home senior care services. From a consumer centric view the “at-home” port is a big bonus but from an industry point of view, it is quite inefficient and expensive for all the parties concerned.

Secondly, when it comes to the technology that is used for senior care, it is virtually non-existent. Although technology development is taking place, it is not fast enough. It is safe to say that senior care tech is still in its preliminary stages.

There has been little introduction of technology in some aspects but that does not necessarily mean that the technology is efficient.

The emphasis on technology is huge because of the fact that the advent of technology decreases the cost. For instance, a recent study in the United Kingdom states that the hospital emergency room visits have reduced by 20 percent via the use of a telehealth monitoring device. In another instance, the usage of body sensors has helped reduce the additional costs for hospital born infections by USD 12,000 for every person.

Last but not the least, the senior care industry is still young. The trend for providing care for the elderly and aged is a recent thing. The industry has a lot of scope for investments and ventures pouring in looking for potential revenue generation.

This is exactly why companies senior care companies like GladAge play the role of an investment ground for major ventures. GladAge recently on-boarded its first billionaire investor. The name of the investor and the investment amount has been withheld. However, it can safely be said that this is the beginning of new and better things to come.

The senior cum elderly care services, being a young industry is an open market for entrepreneurs and businessman. This only goes to prove that there will be more such investments on their way.

And to be honest, such investments are required for this industry to grow. GladAge’s new ICO will not only come as a boon for the industry but also help the elderly people who really crave for quality senior care services.

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