Determined to Make Purchasing Marine Assets Easier via Blockchain Technology

ShipOwner is excited to be the world’s first blockchain platform that focuses on the Maritime ecosystem.  The ShipOwner token generation event begins on March 7. Registration, verification and other processes are live now.

The platform is built on the ethereum smart contracts blockchain and its primary area of focus is in the maritime sector. It offers users an avenue to participate in the capital financing of the $1.5 trillion assets market and $1 trillion annually, services industry in the maritime sector. Prospective investors can access the platform through SHIP token (Shipping Industry Participation token) which goes on sale from March 7, 2018.

With the ShipOwner innovative platform, people can now invest in the maritime industry from anywhere in the world.

Investors can invest in an array of assets in the maritime world, whether in small amounts or huge amounts.

The ShipOwner platform makes the process of buying, selling and operating ships.

The platform eliminates all challenges investors face in the maritime world and creates a level playing field for participants to diversify their investment portfolios while benefiting from superior liquidity and a fair profit sharing system.

The platform has used blockchain technology to create a transparent, accessible, efficient and rational investment system.  There are no intermediaries or third parties. Instead, ShipOwner uses smart contracts for all processes.

The platform is developed in such a way that participants don’t really need to buy physical ships. Anyone with a small budget can even participate in the project.

The platform will disrupt the industry and create a level playing ground for everyone to win. Financing and crew are also highly optimized via equitable revenue sharing models.

The asset monetization process is also very easy for shipowners. The platform employs groundbreaking technologies like artificial intelligence, proprietary risk-reward models and other innovative processes in agreeing on final terms with ship owners.

The asset then goes to a dedicated legal structure, tokenized and divided into bits. participants now buy these tokenized assets using SHIP tokens.  Once portions are sold, the funds get transferred to the shipowner.

Everyone can participate in the platform because ShipOwner has created wallets that each participant can use to buy/sell or store their SHIP tokens in the platform.

Very soon, the online exchange will be launched.

In quarter two of 2018, the exchange will be tested. This exchange will further enhance all processes of the platform.

ShipOwner is a working product, that has been tested and is being rolled out systematically. Shipowner is unlike other projects that are just trying to find their feet in the crypto world.

The platform is designed to meet the core investment needs of investors, by experts in the maritime sector.

The creators of the platform have experience in technical and commercial operations, shipbuilding, risk management, investment management and more.

The team’s existing marine businesses are quite successful, securing commitments in excess of $200 million for marine assets and services interested in raising funds via this project.

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