RewardMob Mobile eSports (RMOB) – ICO rating and details

RewardMob is a live platform with over 50k mobile gamers competing in tournaments since Jan 2018. RewardMob is a tournament based eSport and loyalty program for mobile game developers. We have a fully integrated wallet built on the Waves Blockchain that allows users to earn and win RMOB Cryptocurrency tokens. We can easily turn any mobile game into a free casual eSport. Rewards are earned when users play games that are integrated with the RewardMob software. Once a user has earned one or more rewards they need to open them to reveal what they have earned. Rewards range from gift cards, our RMOB cryptocurrency tokens or tournament points that help them move up the leaderboard. At the end of the tournament, the winners are paid in RMOB tokens, cash or prizes from our sponsors.

About RewardMob Mobile eSports

Initial Traction

  • Launched in January 2018
  • RewardMob Tournament App live on Google Play and the App Store
  • 50k+ registered users since January 2018
  • 3 million in-game rewards won by users
  • 3.8 million RMOB tokens awarded
  • 1.2 million unique tournament entries
  • Active Telegram Channel with over 20k members
  • Over 30,000 pre-ticketsale registrations
  • Established  a network of gaming Social Influencer partners 

Gaming Content Partners

  • BigCode Games: 2000 titles with in excess of 100 million game installs
  • Dumadu Games: 100+ in-house titles with over 40 million game installs
  • GameAnax:  70+ games with over 35 million game installs
  • ePlay Studios: Mobile eSports specialist content provider with Sports & Racing titles
  • Pocket Pinata Interactive: Mobile game developer and publisher with AAA-rated titles such as WWE Champions

Current eSports Landscape

The global eSports economy is forecast to reach $906 million in 2018 with over 350 million eSports enthusiasts expected to view an eSports event, league or global championship by the end of the year.

Mobile eSports continues to grow at a record pace even without a recognized tournament framework or an identifiable market leader. Existing Mobile eSports tournaments to date have focused on individual titles which already have established audience or restricted tournaments on an invitation-only basis. 

Casual gamers are forced to spectate instead of having the opportunity to participate.

RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship

RewardMob will launch the inaugural Mobile eSports Championship where gamers can compete in free-to-play weekday qualifier tournaments to win tickets for the Weekend Championship rounds.  Tickets can be earned via weekday qualifiers tournaments or purchased directly from RewardMob.

  • Inaugural Mobile eSports Championship Series
  • Free-to-play weekday qualifier tournaments
  • Weekend Championship Tournaments every week
  • Quarterly Live Finals
  • Championship finals to be streamed live on Twitch
  • Brands have the ability to select and sponsor tournaments
  • Weekend tournaments require tickets to enter
  • Tickets can be earned or purchased directly via RewardMob

RMOB Token

The RMOB token is an incentive-based token that is the central currency of our platform. It will be the fuel that runs our competitive mobile gaming landscape and our Pay-to-Play multiplayer tournaments. RMOB tokens cannot be purchased directly from RewardMob. They can only be earned or won on or through our platform and apps.

The Goal

RewardMob endeavors to become a leader in Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Play mobile eSports by helping mobile game publishers and developers achieve greater success while creating a more exciting and rewarding gaming experience for players. The launch of the RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship will help establish RewardMob as the global authority in the Mobile eSports industry.

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