Orocrypt Blockchain Startup Launches its Gold-Backed OCG Tokens

The Orocrypt team has announced the successful launch of its OCG gold-backed tokens. The Orocrypt OCG tokens are built upon the Ethereum Blockchain.

A 100 percent real gold bullion backs Orocrypt OCG tokens. Each OCG token represents 30 grams of pure gold. The platform charges users 1 percent commission over gold spot price for each OCG token sold. Orocrypt charges users a fee of 0.04 percent when they transfer the tokens to other wallets.

When users purchase less than 1 OCG token, they are charged between 5% to 10 percent, depending on the fractions of tokens purchased.

OCG tokens can be traded on Orocrypt or P2P. Shortly OCG will be available on various decentralized exchanges.

All processes of Orocrypt, including token issuance, handling of users funds, procurement, and storage of gold are done in a transparent and auditable manner.

The team will store its gold bullion in secured vaults all over the globe.

It will store some of the bullion in Swiss Gold Safe AG vaults, it will save some others in Byzantium vaults in Cayman island, and the rest will go to OZL AG vault in Liechtenstein.

The Orocrypt board is made up of expert, former bankers, stockbrokers, accountants and reputable business moguls.

Societe de Surveillance SA will audit the Swiss and Liechtenstein vaults. Orocrypt will get its gold bullion from Rheingold-Edelmetall Liechtenstein and Byzantium Cayman islands.

Orocrypt operates in compliance with the necessary guidelines of Panama. It works in strict accordance with laws established by the Sujetos Obligados No Financieros, of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Notably, the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores has issued a “No Action Opinion” on Orocrypt’s business.

Orocrypt will soon start issuing tokenized precious metals vault receipts.

For more information visit www.orocrypt.com/#
BitcoinTalk: www.bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1925056
Twitter: www.twitter.com/orocrypt
Whitepaper: www.orocrypt.com/#documents
Email: [email protected]

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