Nexxus Rewards (Nexxus Token/NXR) – ICO rating and details

NEXXUS TOKEN is a true utility token that creates most of its buyer demand from merchants that pay for new customers. Nexxus Token is not dependent on speculative trading.
Nexxus Token is the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards – a Community Cooperative Blockchain Solution that helps local merchants get new customers, helps charities fund their important social causes, and rewards shoppers with shared free shopping dollars.

Every shopping transaction creates buyer demand for the Nexxus Token. If a merchant offers a 10% reward on a $100 purchase, Nexxus Rewards purchases $10 worth of Nexxus Tokens with the merchant’s money from the public exchange for $1.

Nexxus Rewards provides local charities with leveraged perpetual funding for their important social causes. Charities don’t have to buy or sell anything; they just support their local community.

Nexxus Rewards’ software and systems are production-ready to generate revenue with a management team of highly experienced executives.

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About Nexxus Rewards

Nexxus Rewards provides a win-win-win scenario for the local community charities, merchants, and shoppers. Charities get a leveraged perpetual fundraiser to indefinitely fund their important social causes. Merchants get and keep new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price. Shoppers collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points like cash from all participating merchants.

Nexxus charities and non-profit organizations share in the gross revenues generated from their member’s shopping and their member’s referred friends and family to infinity on their entire shopper network of potentially tens of thousands of shoppers. They have nothing to sell or buy – they just support their local community.

Nexxus merchants pay nothing to get started and they can start acquiring new customers with a free text messaging (SMS) mobile marketing system to broadcast daily promotions. Shoppers keep coming back again and again to collect and redeem their cash back reward points. Merchants can create an additional revenue stream from their referred customer’s other purchases. Merchants will also have unlimited access to a cryptocurrency payment-processing gateway that allows them to eventually accept bitcoin and any other supported top cryptocurrencies.

Nexxus Shoppers can easily register for free to start collecting and redeeming free shared reward points, spendable like cash at any merchant. Nexxus Reward points can increase in value as usage of Nexxus Rewards grows worldwide. And shoppers can earn additional free shopping rewards for every transaction done by any shopper they personally refer.

The Nexxus Rewards technology is already production-ready for revenue generation with product development and market testing complete.


Open Nexxus Rewards whitepaper (pdf)

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