New ICO: GSC Platform ICO, CUREStoken ICO, Global Funeral Care

GSC Platform ICO review

GSC Platform ICO – GSC ERP 3.0 is a product destined to our users searching for securing their data and have the full master of their business. Indeed, GSC Platform ICO supports any current ERP such as Oracle, SAP or Sage and will be distributed as a software product with an unlimited licenses number available. There is one license per buyer to use our product.

CUREStoken ICO review

Never has change been more necessary in the healthcare sector, currently health care costs in many countries are exceeding the increase in GDP and the revenue from taxes that fund healthcare, which in itself is not sustainable.

Healthcare costs are rising so fast in advanced economies that they will become unaffordable by mid-century without reforms, according to a new OECD report.

The reasons for this looming crisis include:

  • Increase in the aging population
  • Advances in Medicine
  • Rising costs

Global Funeral Care Foundation ICO

The Global Funeral Care Foundation ICO has developed GFC with intend to become a globally used currency for the funeral industry. GFC can be used to pay for goods and services from organizations partnering with the Global Funeral Care Foundation. The foundation encourages all non-partners in the funeral industry to adopt GFC as well.

The Global Funeral Care Foundation ICO is developing a decentralized platform to support the global funeral industry by connecting organizations working in the funeral industry on a global scale. The platform supports organizations involved with the funeral industry and people requesting information or services from these organizations.

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