The MinexSystems MinexBank App Now Available on the Apple App Store

MinexSystems, the parent blockchain firm behind Minexcoin and MinexBank has announced the launch of the MinexBank iOS app.

After a long and stressful verification process, the Minexcoin team have finally succeeded in launching its MinexBank product on iOS.  iPhone and iPad users can now download the app free of charge from the Apple App store

Unlike Android systems, it’s quite a herculean task for blockchain-based firms to launch their apps on the iOS app store. They are made to undergo countless checks and verifications.  The apple team spends much time on verifying the legal status of the apps than on the technical aspects.

For the fact that the MinexBank app has been successfully added to the Apple app store, it goes a long way to show that the MinexSystems project is a credible one.

The CEO of MinexSystems expressed satisfaction about the journey of the project so far. He said:

“It took about two months for adding MinexBank to the App Store. After lengthy negotiations, provided evidence, legal review, etc. we have proved that MinexBank is transparent and clean on the law. What’s more, we have proved our cross-platform status and once again have shown the team works hard and solves even time-consuming issues.”

With this latest milestone reached, all customers can now access all the valuable products of the MinexSystems team.  All a user needs to do is simply download the app on their mobile devices or use the desktop version. Just like the Android version, the MinexBank iOS application comes with the following groundbreaking features:

Users can Park their MNX token quickly and seamlessly

Users can easily view parked coins and parking rates

Coin holders can re-park coins for different lengths of time

Clients can easily monitor the transactions of the bank in real-time.

Getting real-time updates becomes a seamless process

In summary, after downloading your preferred variant of the app, just sign in with your wallet address and password. That’s all you need to get into the exciting world of MinexBank.

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