John McAfee Is Now Offering Advice to a Cryptocurrency Startup

John McAfee is advising CryptoSecure, which is working on a blockchain-based hack-proof solution. Key Capital, the company leading development at the blockchain startup, had its shares shoot by 400 percent after the announcement.  

John McAfee of the McAfee antivirus is back again in the crypto arenas, this time advising a cryptocurrency startup called CryptoSecure that’s conducting an initial coin offering. And that’s a good thing because he knows a lot about computer security. The company, which says is developing “hack-proof security solutions”. It has adopted him as their senior strategic adviser according to their press release Wednesday.

The press release offers some information on how McAfee hooked with CryptoSecure: at a recent Blockchain cruise conference where he was a keynote speaker. They had a discussion about lack of security in the cryptocurrency markets and he is said to have appraised. Thus, the company’s Trusted Solaris OS, One Time Pad infrastructure project. McAfee confirmed on Wednesday that he is advising the company.

Key Capital, which focuses on mining precious metals is leading development at the startup. The company’s share shot almost 400 percent after the announcement of appointment of McAfee as a strategic advisor.

It is not the first time McAfee is part of a crypto company. However he just parted, in January, with MGT where he was chief cybersecurity visionary since August. The decision of parting with the company came as the company was advises not to have McAfee as its officer or director. In order to get uplist on the New York Stock Exchange after delisting in October 2016.

McAfee said the decision was mutual.

He was also involved in some controversies with Verge cryptocurrencies ahead of their launching of their new privacy protocol called Wraith as previously reported. He said his phone was hacked and the posts in support of the cryptocurrency made on his Twitter account.

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