Introducing Citowise: A New-Age Blockchain Payment Gateway

With the exponential number of tokens and digital currencies available on the market, Citowise is a new platform designed to address the increased need for security, speed and scalability of cryptocurrency transactions. Citowise offers a payment gateway by means of a secured cryptocurrency wallet that is available for download at no cost.

An Issue That has Been Holding Cryptocurrency Back, Until Now

Citowise is a blockchain-based company with a unique twist – its primary purpose is to make other blockchain-based companies perform better. The platform addresses a long-standing problem and an obstacle that has prevented many from investing in ICOs; the difficulty associated with exchanging tokens between buyers once a campaign has concluded. Indeed, it is often unnecessarily complicated to use the newly-purchased tokens in place of value after the respective ICO project.

The overwhelming majority of ICO campaigns tie into the Ethereum interface ERC20 standard, which facilitates token integration into 3rd party software. Without knowledge of smart contracts and an understanding of the technical space of the blockchain, transacting with cryptocurrencies is an arduous and far from secure process.

Another factor which leaves vendors in particular hesitant to employ cryptocurrencies as a payment method is cryptocurrency’s inability to compete with existing methods in terms of practicality and ease of use. This is partly due to existing desktop wallets requiring that the user have the entire blockchain downloaded on his or her computer before a transaction can be broadcasted.

The proposed solution will not only benefit distributed ledger companies and their ICOs, but it will greatly assist users as well. Through Citowise, more people will be able to invest in and interact with ICOs that run off blockchain technology.

In many ways, it is only apt that a blockchain-based platform be used to solve a blockchain-based problem, and the Citowise team appears to have developed an effective method for addressing it.

The Citowise Solution

According to market analysis as outlined in the Citowise whitepaper, existing products available for addressing these concerns do little to alleviate the problem.

Citowise has taken all of the technical blockchain skills needed and rendered them as a mobile app, and its solution is not only effective, but greatly simplified and easy for even cryptocurrency novices to use.

The platform provides a wallet that allows users ultimate control of their funds. Its functionality is split between personal and business clients, both of which are able to enjoy the service for free.  Business users, however, also have access to premium services like a web-payments gateway, as well as to setup a charity campaigns or in-app purchases.

Moreover, as part of the Citowise service offering, there are different wallets compatible with Android, iOS, and Desktop platforms. Each one has the ability to convert ERC20 tokens from partnered ICOs into number of other cryptocurrencies.

The Citowise Team

The team is head up by Aleksandr Kents, CEO and CMO, and Max Zab, CEO and CTO. Kents is a well-respected public figure, the founder of Melior Clinics, and a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Zab is a qualified astrophysicist and professional web engineer who has worked closely with several startup companies across Europe. He is especially knowledgeable about payment methods, their applications and implementation.

The chief engineer on the project is Jaroslav Gorjachev, a highly-experienced software architect who has worked with companies such as Microsoft and Skype.

The rest of the team is detailed on the website, with an introduction and communication details for each member to set all Citowise users and investors’ minds at ease.


Citowise has done more than solve a problem faced in the blockchain industry – it has drawn the members of the cryptocurrency community together. Through increased ease of use, the platform bridges the gap of knowledge or technical skills, and allows both users and companies to benefit from greater accessibility to ICOs and cryptocurrency investing.

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