What is Endor ICO? Why is it One of the Hot Pick ICOs of 2018?

Defined as “Google for Predictive Analytics”, Endor is a prediction protocol that is powered by Blockchain Infrastructure and Social Physics technology. It basically makes predictive analytics more useful, trustable and accessible for everyone. By democratizing the access to Artificial Intelligence (AI)  data analytics technology, Endor project works towards making this world a well-informed place.

The project spent 4 years at MIT to become the “Google for predictive analytics” to provide automated predictions that are not only fast and accurate but doesn’t even need any expertise in data science.

To make the accurate predictions accessible and scalable, Endor combines machine power with Social Physics technology and predictive analytics.

“Google for predictive analytics”: what does it offer?

This is a world of technology where everyone is interconnected which puts data at a very high value. With everything going digital, making informed decisions could only be possible through precise and accurate data.

To make the data a basis for decision making, data alone is not enough, it needs to be analyzed and calculated in such a way that it makes sense.

The objective is to provide an alternative to the existing options that are costly, hard to access and non-efficient. Currently, this technology is only available to the big companies which Endor aims to rectify by providing a simpler, practical and accessible predictive data analytics.

Endor will provide you a platform where any individual or business can make requests and ask predefined questions on a number of topics. To gain access to this platform, one would require Endor’s currency EDR tokens.

ICO Details: raised $45 million in pre-sale

The token sale of Endor started on February 19, 2018, and ended just a few days back which is March 14, 2018. During its pre-sale, the ICO was able to raise its predefined amount that is $45 million.

Based on Ethereum blockchain, the project has the total token supply of 1.5 billion. Out of these 20 percent are available for token sale. Coming onto its token price, it is 1 EDR = 0.27 USD, for which it only accepts ETH. Moreover, the ICO is restricted to the US and Canada region.

As for the team of this ICO, it is composed of eight experienced people that possess different skills and talents with a few notable mentions, CEO, and co-founder: Yaniv Altshuler, co-founder: Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, COO, and co-founder: Inbal Tirosh, and CPO and co-founder: Stav Grinshpon.  

Endor’s impressive list of partners and clients

The project boasts of some high profile brands as clients with names like Mastercard, BCG, Coca-Cola, Catalina and Walmart along with Slice, Travellers, Leumi Card, Falabella, Carwow, BAC, Taykey and Fiverr.

Its partners include Bancor, Enigma, Market Prophit, AWS, Alignment, DAOStack, and Mastercard.

The project has certainly the potential to disrupt the data analytics industry by making it accessible to anyone while cutting down the cost and improving the efficiency and flexibility.

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