Cryptics Launches its Crypto Trading System Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Cryptics team has announced the successful launch of their AI-powered cryptocurrency analytics, in a bid to revolutionize how crypto trading is done.

There is no denying the fact that virtual currencies are quite volatile assets. There are several market prediction tools on the market today, but most of them are not useful. This sad fact has made many lose their hard earned money trading cryptos, in recent times.

Cryptics is focused on mitigating the challenges associated with trading virtual currencies. It provides liquidity on exchanges and helps retail traders minimize risks.

Cryptics creates an ecosystem that brings stakeholders in the crypto world together and gives them a potent tool for market prediction.

The platform’s market prediction tools are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. These tools are much more accurate than human intuition.

The market prediction software considers an array of factors when predicting price movements.

The Cryptics solution uses AI and neural networks to gather and analyze data from various sources including social networks and exchanges. It will now use the interpreted information to produce highly potent trading signals in a way that’s humanly impossible.

Token Information

QRP token is the native cryptocurrency of the Cryptics ecosystem. It facilitates all transactions on the platform and enables users to have access to various advanced features of the platform.

With QRP, users will receive real-time market forecasts that are always accurate.

The Cryptics platform is developed by a team of experts in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. They have built the platform in a way that will be of immense benefit to classical traders. Cryptics has all the critical tools traders need to be successful in the world of crypto trading.

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