Chimaera Blockchain-powered Gaming Platform ICO Goes Live

Chimaera is a blockchain startup that lets game developers host their games on its decentralized, highly functional blockchain that’s resistant to censorship.

Chimaera is focused on improving the blockchain gaming ecosystem with its innovative solution. The gaming industry is a vast industry and Chimaera is ready to eradicate all the challenges that game developers and players are facing in the industry.

To solve these problems, Chimaera (CHI) is building its custom blockchain world that will enable games to run in a fast and frictionless way on its blockchain.

The public presale is live now, and all participants have a chance to receive 30% discount. The Chimaera token (CHI), is the native crypto of the ecosystem. it facilitates transactions between the Chimaera blockchain and game channels.

The token event has three bonus rounds. Contributors will receive 30 percent discount on the ongoing presale and a 15% discount on the first main stage.

The team believes that its solution is the real deal, unlike others that are just virtual asset trading platforms.

Chimaera is creating a system called Game Channels. The Bitcoin Lightning protocol powers Game channels. Chimaera’s lead developer, Dr. Daniel Kraft first introduced the game channels idea on BitcoinTalk, in 2015. He described the solution comprehensively in a peer-reviewed Ledger journal in 2016.

Game Channels makes it possible for game players to connect with themselves on Chimaera blockchain without a central server. Game builders do not have to worry about server upkeep. Also, the system is highly secure and immutable, which makes it tamper proof.

Other Features

Players have exclusive rights to all their in-game assets. They can decide to trade or transfer all items they acquire in the game. Players can also exchange the items for fiat money.

In the Chimaera ecosystem, players do not just play for fun as they can earn real money while playing. All wining can be used to purchase in-game items or withdrawn. This system is the best so far, as players get empowered by just enjoying themselves, making it almost impossible for players to lose interest in the game or move on to other games.  

The Team

Chimaera is built by crypto experts which years of experience in the ecosystem. Dr. Kraft is the brain behind the Games Channels which Chimaera uses. Kraft is also one of the top contributors to the Bitcoin Core codebase, and he also helped in creating Namecoin, which is the original blockchain that birthed Chimaera blockchain via a hard fork.

Chimaera also boasts of many other developers who have worked with big names in the gaming ecosystem such as EA, Square Enix and more. These experts are part of the people that created games like Star Trek, and many others.

Chimaera has been in the works since 2013, even before most altcoins were created. The team first developed the Huntercoin game in 2013. Huntercoin is the first game ever built on the blockchain. Chimaera is the evolution of this prototype, and the team is focused on applying this approach to many more online games.

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