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Headquartered in Oakland, California, CashBet is the only mobile-first platform for real-money, social, and skill based interactive gaming. Our patented enterprise software solution enables operators to run a legal and profitable iGaming business end-to-end. CashBet is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. A profitable company, CashBet looks forward to continue scaling operations worldwide. Through its incorporation of novel blockchain technology into its revolutionary iGaming platform, CashBet intends to become the undisputed leader in enterprise software for the crypto-casino market.

About CashBet

Mobile ​gaming ​and ​cryptocurrency ​are ​two ​of ​the ​fastest ​growing, ​demand-driven ​markets in ​the ​world ​today. ​CashBet ​is ​merging ​these ​technologies ​into ​an ​iGaming ​solution ​and issuing ​CashBet ​Coin ​to ​solve ​the ​problems ​facing ​crypto ​casino ​operators ​and ​players today: ​speed, ​trust, ​cost, ​and ​content. CashBet ​is ​the ​only ​complete, ​crypto-ready, ​mobile-first ​iGaming ​platform ​with ​an established, ​profitable ​presence ​in ​regulated ​gaming ​markets. ​Launched ​in ​2012, ​CashBet has ​tens ​of ​thousands ​of ​registered ​players, ​millions ​of ​Pounds ​Sterling ​wagered, ​gaming licenses ​in ​multiple ​jurisdictions, ​and ​customers ​from ​all ​facets ​of ​iGaming ​(real-money, social, ​and ​skill-based) ​from ​around ​the ​world. The ​CashBet ​platform ​is ​uniquely ​positioned ​to ​set ​the ​standard ​in ​the emerging ​cryptocurrency ​iGaming ​space. Architected ​and ​implemented ​by iGaming ​veterans, ​its ​modular, ​end-to-end ​iGaming ​solution ​reflects ​years ​of ​both B2B ​and ​B2C ​iGaming ​experience. ​It ​is ​creating ​a ​proprietary ​off-chain ​payment technology ​that ​will ​significantly ​reduce ​costs ​and ​increase ​payout ​speeds, ​making CashBet ​Coin ​the ​most ​desirable ​cryptocurrency ​in ​the ​iGaming ​market. The ​CashBet ​platform ​is ​the ​only ​crypto-casino ​platform ​licensed ​in ​multiple tier ​1 ​gaming ​jurisdictions. The ​platform ​and ​all ​associated ​games ​- ​over ​450 ​titles – ​have ​passed ​rigorous ​third-party ​compliance ​testing. ​It ​features ​a ​player ​and content ​management ​system, ​content ​distribution ​tailored ​for ​the ​crypto ​casino market, ​a ​geo-verification ​system, ​and ​a ​responsible ​gaming ​module, ​all ​of ​which can ​be ​licensed ​to ​crypto ​casino ​operators. ​It ​includes ​full ​support ​for ​Know ​Your Customer ​(KYC) ​and ​Anti-Money ​Laundering ​(AML) ​compliance. CashBet ​is ​white-label ​capable. CashBet ​empowers ​operators ​and ​developers ​to easily ​launch ​their ​own ​bespoke ​iGaming ​sites, ​content, ​and ​apps. CashBet ​Coin ​(“CBC”) ​tokens ​will ​be ​offered ​to ​token ​purchasers ​during ​an ​ICO planned ​to ​commence ​in ​January ​2018. ​The ​acceptance ​of ​CBC ​will ​democratize access ​to ​world-class ​entertainment ​for ​those ​underserved ​by ​the ​centralized banking ​establishment.

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