BoatPilot Paves Way for International Yacht Community with Its Unique Business Model

I guess the real economy sector is taking it a notch higher as Boat Pilot a leading firm in the industry announces its first ever introductory Crowdsale slated for the 1st of April, 2018.

The token generation event is aiming at raising $10 million through a token distribution campaign that will help the company expand to Continents’ like the Caribbean, Asia and US markets.

The sales of the token will be divided into two stages,  the first will be the: presale which already took place Jan 9th with a minimum entry of $25,000, while the second stage will be the public sale which will start April 1st.

Tokens not sold during this two phases will be burnt.

Back to the Genesis of BoatPilot

BoatPilot  was founded in 2012, with its headquarters in Cyprus; it has branch offices in Montenegro with its R&D center situated in the heart of Russia.

BoatPilot is a marine navigation system that makes use of combination of classic chartplotter and an interactive pilot. It gives users the opportunity to correct content and add comment from other similar users.

It is an all-in-one navigation service (interactive electronic pilot and navigator) with augmented reality mode support.

Outstanding Achievements

The company has recorded various successes like the Boatgod hardware module it created. This module allows for collection of statistics from onboard systems and aggregating geolocation data.

Added to their archive of Invention is the Pocket Skipper designed for the booking and selling of yachts, reserving of marinas and searching for fellow passengers and tour offers.

In 2017, BoatPilot was used to navigate over 4,700 yachts, more than 50,000 users downloaded the Android and iOS version of the application.

The companies also have an exclusive right to book vessels from over 1,000 companies in Europe and signed agreements with several charter and services companies.

BoatPilot’s ability to attract the global yacht community by enhancing its chart, which now allows users to add any content or check the reliability of other users contents. It in no time became the favorite of the yachting community expanding its covers throughout the Mediterranean with the most accurate database.

Target Audience

Till date, numerous SMEs do not have the tools needed to promote their services to their target audience directly in a way that is affordable and unique.

BoatPilot, with the needs of the yacht industry at heart, has created one of the most complete advertising solutions for the yachting ecosystem.

The company’s CEO Artyom Borodin quipped, “Our solution knows when the vessel needs oil change and where the crew can find the nearest service station”.

BoatPilot has brought a great light to the dark tunnel of the Yacht community in general, and  it seems there is no stopping now until a total reformation in the industry has been established.

With its natural and unique business model, it seems the day is just getting brighter for the company.

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