76% ICO unprofitable

Most ICOs are traded at a lower cost than at the initial placement.

2018 year is difficult for markets of crypto-currencies and initial placements. ICO, launched in the first three months of the year, tried hard to get into profit, but most tokens were unprofitable.

76% ICO – in the red sector

Recently, Professor of Massachusetts University Christian Catalini said that "40-50% ICO is now traded at a price that is less than the original bid price."

Bitcoin.com conducted his research and confirmed the opinion of the professor. In addition, based on the data on tokens and ICO statistics in 2018, Bitcoin.com claims that 76% of 74 ICOs, which have already ended this year, are in the red sector of projects, that is, traded at a loss.

Regardless of which figures show ICO, the investment in the initial placement is now a very risky business, you can not count on short-term profits.

But these projects can in the future bring good profits, as the infrastructure develops and markets recover.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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