Vitalik Buterin a remarkable tactician, not a fortune teller

It’s a general consideration that in the arena of cryptocurrency one needs to have a long-term plan. According to a recent interview, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum doesn’t find it necessary to look beyond 3 months. According to certain analysts even though Ethereum lacks long-term vision, the company and its currency are stable in the crypto-world.

Vitalik is crypto-enthusiast and he cares less about the money but primarily concerned about the Proof of Stake that the company has been working on.

Running a steady financial business requires a vast team of strategists and a long-term plan. Vitalik believes that having a far-sighted outlook in this sector of uncertainties is quite baseless. His main focus is to be sturdy. According to him, lacking a long-term vision is not important for the success of his project.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum says:

“Ethereum got big. It just so happened that Ethereum evolved without, I guess, other figures quite as large as myself. I have no idea where I’d like to be years from now. I generally don’t plan more than three months ahead, let alone five years.”

He adds that Ethereum was started as a project and not a career plan. Vitalik considers ICO which are currently running on the ERC20 token are projects that never had a soul. He also thinks Tron [TRX] hit $17 billion without any discernible product.


Garth Travis, a cryptocurrency trader and investor says:

“Vitalik may not calculate all the details and plans for the next 5 years because he does not have to. This age of cryptocurrency and block-chaining causes rifts within no time. Making long-term plans are not worth the time and effort- as it never turns out the same”

Stacey Albido, a Financial Advisor says:

“I know it’s not necessary to have a long-term plan since change is a constant in this field. But he should have at least lied about it. Many digital currency users rely on a figure like him. He should be more responsible for his actions and he should understand his accountability”

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