The Ethereum community is still arguing on the proposal to modify Blockchain

The proposal to improve the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP), which led to the resignation of the EIP developer for his personal reasons, was closed, but the identical proposal was reopened on Github relatively negatively.

The original proposal of EIP 867 was introduced by the developer Musiconomi Dan Phifer as an option for how it is more easy to modify Blockchain Ethereum (ETH) to redistribute address balances in case of a loss of funds.

EIP editor Yoichi Hirai criticized the project for violating the Japanese law on the creation of electromagnetic records, as well as "contrary to the philosophy of Ethereum."

When the original proposal was closed, the Ethereum community in Reddit responded positively to the solution, and one user called it "a great victory for the community and the Ethereum network."

Comments in Github on the open version of the EIP 867 offer showed the polarity of users' views on the standardization of recovering a lost fund.

The user of the oxidizer called this offer "the Trojan horse for Ethereum", writing that "Adding a recovery mechanism, no matter how many refinements and" guarantees "is put into effect, weakens the protocol."

User Aribo explained in detail about the functions of the philosophy Ethereum, saying that the recovery of funds is not the responsibility of the system developers:

"Raising funds for recovery as a necessary function of the system is a misunderstanding of the IMO function of the system. Ethereum is not a bank or a private company that has a profit / loss from investments. If someone loses money in the economic system created in Ethereum, it is at your own peril and risk, and should never be a function and responsibility of the system and, consequently, of its developers, to restore these funds and, moreover, to change the rules / standards for this".

The introduction of a standardized method for the return of lost or stolen cryptography has long been a contentious issue in the crypto community, for some, the adoption of any action contradicts the unchanged nature of Blockchain.

The Ethereum community was already split once during such a dispute, when the hardfork was implemented after breaking into the DAO, which led to a split between Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). In this case, in the case of ETC, the stolen money is still in the possession of hackers.

Author: Yevgeny Yakubenko, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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