Varney: Trump, governors leading coronavirus response is ‘as it should be’

Varney: Democrats, media contempt for Trump won’t do anyone ‘any good’

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Democrats and the media coming in between Trump’s progress in managing the coronavirus crisis.

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FOX Business’ Stuart Varney, in his latest “My Take,” sounds off on Democrats and the media as President Trump’s “principal opponents” during coronavirus, arguing that their contempt won’t do them “any good.”

“The Democrats seem to be irrelevant at this time of national crisis,” Varney said. “And the media just can’t get over their contempt for the president.”

Varney said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden being endorsed by former running mate Bernie Sanders is just another attempt to rid Trump from office.

“There’s no real agreement on policy between them,” he said. “In fact, Bernie supporters have been vocal – they won’t vote for Joe. Is this the best that the Democratic Party can come up with?”


With Biden broadcasting from his home in Maryland and Sanders “chiming in” from his state of Vermont, Varney said they are “hardly part of the debate” during a time of national crisis.

Varney added that the media “look and sound even worse.” During President Trump’s press conference Monday, he said, they really showed their “true colors.”

“They argued with him. They interrupted him. They were rude,” he said. “They were desperately pushing the view that President Trump had delayed his response to the virus and therefore cost lives. The president in response laid down a precise timeline: what he had done and when he had done it. But the media was not content.”


What the media wanted, Varney said, was for the president to lock down the country back in February. But according to Varney, that would’ve meant no Super Tuesday and no Carolina primary, most likely causing immediate backlash.

“The media would’ve called him a dictator,” he said. “Anti-democracy! As a member of the media myself I found it embarrassing.”

Varney said the worst of the media during Monday's conference was their attempt to get Dr. Fauci to criticize Trump.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House, Monday, April 13, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

“He was having none of it,” he said. “He vigorously defended the president. And then a CBS reporter said, ‘were you forced to say that?’ Implying his defense of the president was a lie.”


Varney believes President Trump and the governors should be leading state and federal government in coronavirus response.

“That is as it should be. They are the executives in charge,” he said. “But the Democrats and the media just can’t get over their contempt for the president. It shows up all the time. And it’s not going to do them or us any good at all."

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