XR-NFTs: Santo Blockchain in Collaboration With French Artist Jerome Peschard Invents New Series of NFTs

The innovative Blockchain development company, Santo Blockchain in partnership with popular French Pop Artist, Jerome Peschard will be launching a new and remarkable development into the DeFi space. 

Following an announcement via a recent press release, the company revealed it will be bringing a new series of NFTs, dubbed XR-NFTs with supports from Jerome Peschard’s digital pop art’s creativity.

The creation of NFTs often uses blockchain technology to provide users with a unique digital asset experience. Relatively, Santo Blockchain in collaboration with Artist Jerome is offering users an entirely new development with NFTs as such innovation has never been introduced to the industry before. 

Per the announcement, it is the aim of both partners to make space travel become a reality for all mankind and not just reputable personnel. The XR-NFTs is aimed at fulfilling this mission while featuring “Rush to Mars” and “NFC tag” Services.

XR-NFTs is fully tagged extended Reality Non-Fungible Tokens and is regarded as a distinctly best form of using a 3D scanning telemetry, augmented reality, virtual reality, sound, and digital smell technology, all integrated with the creativity from Jerome Peschard’s art world.

The newly invented XR-NFTs will allow art freaked personnel the opportunity to purchase artworks from renowned artists like Jerome Peschard.

While disclosing the details regarding the new development,  Santo Blockchain also noted the motive behind the creation of XR-NFTs saying;

“The hope is that one day, in the not-so-distant future; not only will humans travel to space, but also take these digital assets along, empowering us to enjoy and to barter in these new frontiers.”

Further details concerning the presale, minting, and airdrops of the tokens will be provided on the company’s social media channels.

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