Will Coinbase IPO Propel Bitcoin Price to New Highs?

Bitcoin Price Record Highs as Coinbase Prepares To Go Public

With just a rise of more than 2% since the previous trading day, the Bitcoin price rally reached the peak in history. On the other hand, one of the popular crypto exchanges, Coinbase is all set to go public shortly. As the crypto space is on the verge to witness an epic moment to get wide-stream exposure, Bitcoin may also surge to new highs.

btc slv

Bitcoin is just an inch close to flip silver to become the 7th most valued asset. Once done, the next target would be to flip Google and Amazon. Yet another achievement for Bitcoin is, it overtook the oldest currency still in use the Great British Pound, GBP to become 6th largest currency in the world. And hence manifesting an extreme bullish trend approaching soon for bitcoin price. 

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