Verge Starts To Climb Despite Overarching Correction

We are seeing further declines going into the afternoon in what now certainly seems to be a rough bout of market correction.

The past few weeks have seen very positive movements across the markets in the wake of a large cryptocurrency surge. Verge however has really separated itself from this, due to the huge debacle surrounding their mystery partnership, their hype loaded crowdfund campaign and the official announcement itself, calling into question the moral integrity of the team at Verge.

PornHub where of course announced as new partners for Verge in what promised to be the biggest cryptocurrency partnership for adoption the world has ever seen. We did report on the figures and actually, Verge have found a goldmine here, however, with rumours such as Amazon and Apple surrounding the announcement, many investors and followers of Verge where a little withdrawn after the PornHub announcement was made, no pun intended.

Just to re-trace the trajectory of Verge and XVG, prior to the announcement and within the April surge, Verge peaked at $0.11, before soon crashing to $0.06 as a result of post-announcement discontent. Since then Verge has struggled on at around $0.06, seeing some peaks to $0.07 but these have been short lived.

At the time of writing, Verge is currently valued at $0.064 and is up 0.65%. The significant factor here is that Verge is up, whilst the rest of the markets are seemingly, down. So, what has happened? Maybe this is just because a lot of people are watching porn at the moment and paying for subscriptions to PornHub in XVG, or maybe, something else is changing?

It is likely that this video interview with the CEO of Verge has shed some positive light on XVG that is helping it rake in some value, although really, we have no groundbreaking news to report as of yet. I haven’t had the chance to watch the video in full, however if you have the time I would recommend it, I think the Verge team need the opportunity to talk, now the anti-PornHub onslaught has died down.

Verge still has a future, the small gain we are seeing is obviously not evidence of that, however we do believe that even with the PornHub drama hitting the headlines, Verge has opened itself up to a brand new customer base. The video already claims that Verge payments are rolling through PornHub, giving users a totally anonymous way to pay for PornHub subscriptions.

Regardless of what happens, lets not write off Verge just yet and of course, let’s wait and see if this sudden gain, is an indicator of something greater happening within the Verge community.

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