VeChain [VEN]’s rebranded VET to release its Mainnet soon

 VeChainThor [VET] is the blockchain technology-based platform which focuses on financial services, supply chain management, and smart contracts. VeChain is one of the leading public blockchain available in the market for various firms or enterprises.

Sunny Lu, the CEO of VeChain recently tweeted about the release of new VeChainThor testing Schedule. The development had begun in 2017 and it has been completed by mid-April. Right after the development phase, the project was made available for a Public Alpha Test, which consists of reputable third-party cybersecurity and code auditors ranging from different private firms.

The test will be continued until mid-May, while the team is still looking for harsh and brilliant cyber security and smart contract testers. 100 public testers would be selected during this period. The next Public Alpha Test is scheduled by end of May after the completion of the first Alpha test.

Between mid-May to the first week of June, VeChain Foundation is going to be accepting applications for the second Public Alpha Test of the VeChainThor Blockchain technology. The selected hundred participants of the second public Alpha Test will get basic knowledge in cybersecurity, blockchain technology development, enterprise software development, enterprise application testing and other suitable experiences and skill sets.

The selected hundred participants will receive bounties for their work while working alongside the VeChain Blockchain Core team to provide critical insights on improvements on the new platform.


From early June the Public Beta testing will begin, by then all the community members can test the respected blockchain and wallets. The public beta testing will be available until the end of June. All the required improvements will be added and the codebase will be made available to the public during the Public Beta Test.

A VeChain enthusiast commented:

“the VeChainThor Blockchain will be known as the next evolution of Blockchain as 3.0. Bold words! I D.I.G. it.”

Comment by a Redditor:

“YES! YES! YES! Another day that goes by means closer and closer to mainnet launch. VeChain news literally makes my day/week. Literally need a hoodie.”

Another VeChain proponent says:

“Im on the vechain train and still getting fomo. It’s been great being a part of this community, it’s almost like it’s something we have nurtured and the day is coming close to letting it run free. Im way too emotionally attached haha. Looks like it’s Christmas in July”

The official Mainnet Launch will take place by the end of June 2018. Introduction of the Bitcoin was seen as Blockchain 1.0 and the introduction of Ethereum smart contracts was seen as Blockchain 2.0, the VeChainThor Blockchain will be the future which would be known as the next evolution of Blockchain as 3.0 or Blockchain X, says the team.

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