US Political Group Wants Blockchain for Election Transparency, People Empowerment

The newly born Indie Party wants to incorporate blockchain into the US election process.

A young political group is aiming to redefine the political field in the US by presenting an alternative to the traditional two-party system with a new political marketplace supported by blockchain.

The Indie Party, which was launched during last week’s 2018 South by Southwest Interactive Festival, said its members “believe that all Americans should directly control the agenda through sharing their ideas, time or money” and want to harness blockchain technology to enable a more transparent and engaging campaign finance system.

Indie Party founder Jonathan Jenkins said in a statement:

“Our goal is to build a movement that can elect candidates who will create a powerful minority between the two major political parties. At the crux of our movement is the creation of a political marketplace powered by the Indie Token, a new cryptocurrency that engages voters, volunteers, and donors, and supports Indie candidates who are trying to bust up the two-party duopoly by winning elections.”

The group said the Indie Token supports the democratic process because it could empower real and fast applicable solutions that deliver results.

Jenkins explained that the public could not buy Indie Tokens but they can be earned. There will be rewards for participating in the political process initiated by the Indie Party Movement, which will include voluntary work to build the party, donations to the campaign of a PAC or an Indie candidate, and member recruitment.

Holders of the Indie Token can spend the cryptocurrency by donating to Indie candidates, pledging them to solutions they want to support, buying tickets to events or fundraising activities, or contributing “to a challenger campaign where they want to see an Indie candidate run.”

Blockchain creeping into elections

But the Indie Party is not the first political group to harness the potentials of blockchain for election activity.

Several candidates in California’s congressional race have also been tapping cryptocurrencies for their campaign. Michael Allman is asking his supporters to donate Bitcoin. His rival, Democratic candidate Brian Forde, is being backed by established digital currency investors such as the Winklevoss brothers, Pete Briger, and Mike Novogratz.

In Russia, state-controlled public opinion research group VTSIOM utilized blockchain technology in gathering data from exit polls in the presidential elections on Sunday (March 18), when incumbent Vladimir Putin scored a widely anticipated victory.

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