UK Online Payment Platform Payza Adds Support For Cryptocurrency Dash

Online payment platform Payza has added support for Dash, enabling 13 million users to spend the cryptocurrency at 100,000 e-commerce retailers, and exchange it for 25 different national currencies. Dash is the second cryptocurrency to be added to the Payza online payment platform following Bitcoin.

Payza is an e-commerce payment platform that aims to provide fast, safe, and easy payment services. Payza’s e-wallet software allows end users to send and receive money, make online payments and get paid from anywhere. The company’s services also include a range of tools for bookkeeping and money management.

Payza is headquartered in London but primarily serves Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America, with some of its major markets including Venezuela, Nepal, Pakistan, Brazil, and Mexico and Haiti.

“Payza is an exciting partnership for Dash because our respective missions are so well aligned,” said Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash.

“Payza is supporting underbanked populations in nearly 200 countries, and the Dash network’s low cost instant transactions are ideal attributes for meeting these customers’ needs. Payza is also well regarded in the industry with literally millions of users and they’ve thus far refrained from integrating other coins across their platform.”

Payza was founded in 2012 to provide an alternative method of payment and storage of currency for people with difficulties accessing bank accounts and traditional financial institutions. The company said it had received significant customer demand to add support for Dash over the past several months.

“There are several reasons that we chose Dash to be the second cryptocurrency integrated into our platform, after Bitcoin,” said Firoz Patel, CEO of Payza. “Dash boasts low network fees and fast transactions, two features that users look for in a cryptocurrency. Dash also has a vibrant and active community, especially in the developing world, which appeals to us as a company that also focuses on empowering underbanked populations. Finally, Dash is user-friendly and has a roadmap in place to further improve usability.”

Dash, formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin, is an open source payment network focusing on enabling secure, fast and cheap payments. The much-anticipated Dash Evolution platform is set to be released later this year. It will be targeted at the mainstream audience and will come with new technologies and features intended to appeal to the masses.

The announcement comes at a time when Dash is looking to expand into more markets, in particular emerging markets. Recent partnerships have brought the cryptocurrency to Asia but also Zimbabwe where a pilot project called KuvaCash was unveiled in November 2017 to provide an alternative means for locals to store value and make payments.

In Spain, Dash announced a partnership with local startup Bitnovo in January this year to allow consumers to purchase the cryptocurrency at 10,000 retailers throughout the country.

Dash is currently the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at US$3.25 billion.

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