TRON (TRX) Having More Days in the Green, Recovery Still Fragile

The TRON project is expecting more hype as the test net launch approaches.

In the days leading up to the test net launch, TRON (TRX) is managing to keep a higher price, growing while other coins are sliding. TRX managed a marked climb in terms of BTC prices.

TRX settled around $0.0459, still quite far below the December peak above $0.20. But despite the lower price, the TRON project is gaining traction, and waiting for its own blockchain, to disconnect itself from Ethereum.

With the test net date approaching, it remains to be seen if the price has already discounted the news, or whether TRX will continue to climb.

TRON is yet another project that is ready to “graduate” from being an Ethereum-based token, to have its own blockchain. Other earlier migrations include QTUM. In the future, high-visibility tokens like EOS will abandon the Ethereum network, and Binance has also revealed plans to create its own blockchain and exchange the Binance Coin asset for a new type of token.

The next important news from TRON would thus be the success of its test network, and the stability of the new digital asset. It is unknown how the asset migration would affect trading, or the market price. The short-term effect of the upcoming abandoning of the ETH network is that TRX has appreciated more than 46% against Ethereum in the past week. In general, TRON has been one of the most lucrative ICOs in terms of price growth.

But TRON will have to go a long way to achieve the success of other platforms. In 2018, TRON is a part of a new crop of platforms looking for business partnerships and projects, and is in the same boat as Ontology (ONT) and possibly VeChain (VEN).

In the past months, even older platforms like WAVES, Waltonchain (WTC), and NEM (XEM) have seen struggles, and their partnerships are expanding slowly. But it must be remembered, even Ethereum and NEO took years to establish themselves, and they benefited from peak ICO activity.

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