Traders Flocking Over to ProBit Exchange to Compete for 1,500,000 CLR in Rewards During Upcoming Color Coin Listing | BTCMANAGER

Color Coin will be launching two unique events to pair with its upcoming listing on February 27 at 15:00 KST on ProBit Exchange. 

Color Coin Arrives at ProBit

Both trading pairs of CLR/KRW and CLR/USDT will be eligible for a net purchasing competition as well as a trading competition which has been a staple of ProBit Exchange’s listing benefits to reward active traders on their platform. 

1,000,000 CLR will be distributed to the top 50 users with the highest net purchase while another 500,000 CLR will be allocated to the top 50 traders up until March 19, 23:00 KST at which both events will be closed. 

Both events require a minimum stake of 100 PROB, a cornerstone feature on ProBit Exchange that has rapidly increased its demographics due to the benefits afforded. 

Color Coin boasts a rapid 3rd Generation Mainnet, DPoS staking, and fully decentralized governance alongside essential tools to facilitate dApp deployment, all of which are accessible with Color Coins. The Color Platform also boasts a highly capable 1-second finality rate to secure immutable blockchain transactions, which will be key to facilitating blockchain micropayments for increased dApp integration and widespread usage.

ProBit Exchange has continued to maintain a solid track record of onboarding blockchain projects through versatile packages and services which have enabled it to solidify itself has a household name in the rapidly growing industry.

About Color Coin

Color Platform is devoted to bringing the opportunities of a decentralized platform for daily life. Our unique parallel consensus algorithm, cloud-based blockchain, and advanced governance architecture solve the issues of existing decentralized systems.

Color Platform’s revolutionary 3rd generation dPOS mainnet is launching within weeks. Distinguishing itself from other reputable mainnets that take over 5~60 seconds for block confirmation and finality, its 1-second finality and 1-block confirmation now finally enable blockchain micropayment in real life, surpassing what is now provided by currently prevailing payment methods such as credit cards.

Its unique parallel consensus algorithm, cloud-based blockchain, and advanced governance architecture solve the issues of existing decentralized systems. Rewards are available for node operation and delegation, just like other DPoS projects. The platform welcomes anyone to be their node operator.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange is a globally ranked top 20 exchange in real daily trading volume that has spearheaded over 170 rounds of IEO with multiple 6-figure sellout campaigns and features over 300 trading pairs across 4 primary markets. 

With a 2.5 million global audience and exponentially growing presence throughout Asia and Europe, ProBit Exchange has provided its primary and secondary market expertise to projects through competitive, individually catered packages and unparalleled versatility. 

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