TOKEN2049 and the Token Economy: What Comes Next?

The token economy, kicked off by Bitcoin, has been adopted by thousands of ICOs and blockchain projects. What are its strengths and weaknesses when compared to fiat economies? How might it evolve in the coming years? These and more key questions will be explored at the inaugural TOKEN2049 conference in Hong Kong, on March 20–21, 2018. This exciting event will take place at the Kerry Hotel, and will feature a wide array of high-profile figures in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

TOKEN2049 co-host Christopher Strauch describes the event:

TOKEN2049 will be an unrivaled global meeting place for blockchain enthusiasts, like-minded entrepreneurs, industry insiders, and investors. A global financial hub with a prominent crypto ecosystem, Hong Kong is the prime location for the world-class conference. Our mission is to shine a light on the global developments of this new asset class while building the bridge between Asian and global markets.”

He goes on to add:

We are both proud and excited to be facilitating this in-depth exploration of the growing crypto ecosystem. By forecasting what the space will look like come 2049 we plan on providing a unique perspective on the token economy and the vast opportunities for participants.”

What’s on the Roster?

TOKEN2049 will take a look at current trends in the cryptocurrency realm and explore how that space is likely to develop on a global scale. Furthermore, it will take a deep-dive into the  crypto market and investor ecosystem, with speakers and panel discussions exploring the challenges the crypto community as a whole is up against. Top names, including President of Lisk Max Kordek and co-founder and CEO of Gnosis Martin Köppelmann, will exchange ideas and invite questions on the outlook for cryptocurrencies and the token economy as it moves forward.

Keynote speaker Vinny “Bitcoin Oracle” Lingham, industry leader and co-founder and CEO of, has high hopes for the event:

I am extremely excited to be speaking at such a preeminent industry event. As Asia greatly embraces blockchain technology, TOKEN2049 is exactly where it needs to be to make a maximum impact. I am truly looking forward to discussing all things crypto while simultaneously picking the brains of industry enthusiasts all under the one roof.

And Lingham should know… he has robust experience as a serial entrepreneur and has appeared on Shark Tank South Africa as a Shark. He’s been hailed for his savvy predictions with regards to the cryptocurrency space, and he is also a General Partner at MultiCoin Capital. Lingham worked previously as the CEO of mobile gift card company Gyft (backed by Google Ventures), and he is an acting advisory board member for ChessCube, SkyRove, and Personera, building off of his experience with ValueClick and Yahoo.

Clearly, Lingham has a wealth of knowledge with regards to startups and the tech field, and he will have keen insights for any crypto or startup enthusiast who comes to hear him speak.

Other exciting speakers who will contribute to the tremendous synergy of the event include Daria Generalova; co-founder of ICO Box, Toby Heonisch, CEO and co-founder of TenX; Jack Peterson, co-founder and lead developer of Augur; Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder Ventures and co-author of “Cryptoassets;” Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BKCM; Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Core contributor; and Bobby Cho, global head of trading at Cumberland Mining.

There will also be an appearance made by Sophia the robot, of Hanson Robotics, for anyone curious about the future interaction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with AI.

President of Lisk Max Kordek expresses his thoughts:

TOKEN2049 promises to be a hugely exciting event, which I am proud to be a part of. The number of talented and passionate individuals in attendance, with the shared desire to build global bridges across the blockchain sector, is truly inspiring. TOKEN2049 is a celebration of how far the space has come in such a short time, and will undoubtedly signal where the global blockchain community is headed in the future.”

Partners and How To Buy Tickets

TOKEN2049’s partners include a dynamic force of cryptocurrency companies and websites, including, Kenetic, Ubiatar, Alic Capital, Aurora, cryptoHWwallet, InvestHK, Wanchain,, Gatecoin, Dream Team, and Octagon Strategy. 

Strauch concludes: 

With multiple industry developments emerging on a daily basis, it is of utmost importance that experts and those interested in the space meet not only to share their learnings to date but to discuss the many fascinating opportunities that the token economy brings. With thousands of attendees it is a prime opportunity to make new contacts in the industry and likewise catch up with old ones.”

With such an energetic and innovative group of people involved, this is sure to be two days anyone active in the cryptocurrency scene won’t want to miss. And with the event only five days away, the last reserves of tickets are selling out fast. Buy yours here!

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